Don't ask Don't tell...this time current salary?

Recently visited NYC for a mini-reunion with school friends. One of them is a MD, one Research Professor, while the other two are bankers at Citi. Happy to know that banks are investing heavily in ML in both adoption and adeption. Though they don't see ML or valley as an ... read more

IRMAC Meetup: “A Brief History of Hadoop vs. The Cloud”

Attended IRMAC Meetup last Wednesday, titled “A Brief History of Hadoop vs. The Cloud” by Neil Hepburn. The slides are publicly available at: Very relevant talk as enterprises are insistent on onprem Hadoop data centers. Puzzling for me as the longer onpr... read more

The ethics of self driving cars

Author: Sanaa Wasi, MBA Candidate at Schulich “Everything that shines is not gold.” “Do you only love it because you can’t afford it?” What do the above idioms mean? They point towards the human disposition to desire objects it perceives valuable, but cannot have or are extremely hard to get. Disru... read more

How much does an IT contractor cost compare to an employee?

About the same!!! I hear from my large clients claiming how much money a contractor makes compared to a full-time employee (FT). I have always wondered the real cost of a contractor to a client. So, I did the maths, and surprisingly the results show that the dollar cost is ... read more

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